Mqtt tasmota integration

I have installe tasmota in sonoff basic, configurated with tasmoadmin and work but I!noticed that if it is activated by the entity the command it sends in mqtt is not right and sonoff does not interpret it.

Hi there… There are a number of ways by which tasmota devices can be configured in HA like using the Tasmota integration or the mqtt integration or by manual configuration. How is your tasmota integrated with HA? In any case You can try deleting the device again and try integrating it with this method. It folllows the same method as that you mentioned i,e using tasmoadmin

I tried to delete everything and do it again but hassio sends the power1 command instead of power and in doing so it does not operate it. I went through the guide step by step

go to tasmota console and check if SetOption26 is on or off.

now it works, it was set to 0. I set it to 1 and returned it to 0 and now it goes.

Thank you

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