MQTT trigger ignore link quality


I’m creating an automation that responds to MQTT payloads from a zigbee remote with 6 channels.
I want to ignore the link quality or the values from link quality.
I do not know how to ignore the link quality.
I’ve tried wildcards (*, ???, + and #) but those do not work.
I’m really bad at templating, so I’m pretty much stuck.

How do I ignore linkquality values?

Trigger examples:

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/trust
id: mqtt28041On
payload: ‘{“action”:“on”,“action_group”:28041,“linkquality”:174}’

platform: mqtt
topic: zigbee2mqtt/trust
id: mqtt28042On
payload: ‘{“action”:“on”,“action_group”:28042,“linkquality”:174}’

The triggers do work fine, as long as trigger quality is 174.
Current HA OS version with Zigbee2mqtt.

try something like this :

- id: ec3fdb71-476b-4b5e-9922-8e85e6aa34f0
  - platform: mqtt
    topic: zigbee2mqtt/trust
  - condition: and
    - condition: template
      value_template: '{{ trigger.payload_json.action == 'on' }}'
    - condition: template
      value_template: '{{ trigger.payload_json.action_group == 28041}}'

Hi there,

thank you for your reply.
I’ve tried your example, and it still does not work completely.
The remote is doing a bit funky stuff, and the build quality is not good at all.
I’ve tried several solutions now, but they all do not utilize the remote properly.

I’ve requested the seller to take it back, since it’s such a hassle to get it to work properly.

I still appreciate it that you took your time to try and help me with this issue.