MQTT / TuyaMCU configuration

Hi everyone… very new to MQTT here…

I have managed to flash a number of DC ceiling fans and light units with Tasmota.
I have mapped via tasmota console the relevant dpid and data elements for the various fan speeds (5), direction, light on/off and fan on/off

I have worked out how to send these commands (largely tuyasend based commands) via http successfully, without integrating these into ha.
I was hoping to learn and integrate the mqtt alternate of these into hassio.
I can find no information at all regarding tuyasend or serial based commands via mqtt in hassio, or perhaps I havent looked well :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be appreciated, or if not possible, guidance on integration of http based command send/receive


Kogan Smart Kettle this post should help :grinning:

Hi @ozvave

I’m looking to setup a dc fan myself and there is limited information and testing done for the model I have on the way. It’s the same base setup as you’ve described above, 5 speeds, light, direction etc.

I wondered if you might be post more about the fan you did (hoping you complete your journey :wink: ) and your config/tasmota rules etc?

Hoping to work out a solution for us Aussies in the DC market with a very limited selection available.