MQTT Wholehouse Fan

Hello All.
I am VERRRRYYY new to Home Assistant , migrating over from OpenHAB. I am not a code guy, I have a basic understanding of it but Im a hardcore hardware guy…resistors, transistors, relays, volt meters etc.

Im hoping this is the right spot to post this. I have a Wholehouse fan that has a controller with 3 modes. It can run for 90/60/30 min. I have the same functionality built in to the MQTT control. Im struggling with integrating it into my HA setup. My end goal is to have a card with 4 buttons; 90min, 60min, 30Min, Stop, and the icon change color when the fan is running.
My mqtt command topic has 4 payloads, 1 for each mode and returns a state topic that correlates with the selected mode.
OH had the functionality of switch mapping, meaning I could select the switch card and input the number of positions and their corresponding payload values right from the gui. Im a little swamped, Ive tried putting it in as a command template, listing multiple payloads and just keep hitting walls. This is what my last attempt looked like.

fan bigassfan:
  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Bigass fan"
    state_topic: "bigassfan/state"
    command_topic: "bigassfan/control"
    payload_stop: "00"
    payload_90: "10"
    payload_60: "20"
    payload_30: "30"
sensor bigassfanstate:
  - plaform: mqtt
    name: "Bigass fan Status"
    state_topic: "bigassfan/oppstate"

All you need to be is a “documentation guy”. According to the documentation for MQTT Fan there’s no such option like payload_90, payload_30, etc.

I suggest you consider modeling the fan’s modes using the preset_modes option.

Ill give that a whirl, that was my next thought. My question then becomes how do I integrate those into my dashboard. Will it create the buttons by default or do I need to configure those separately?