Mqtt will not work, on terminal I see the message

fighting since hours with MQTT,
i install the MOquitto broker, configure with created login/password:

  • username: mhomemqtt
    password: home298heer

and also without user here.

On the terminal I can see the message from my Tasmota device, see:
$mosquitto_sub -h -t # -v -u USERNAME -P PASSWORD | grep -i “$1”
stat/sonoff/smart-switch-22/RESULT {“POWER”:“OFF”}
stat/sonoff/smart-switch-22/POWER OFF
stat/sonoff/smart-switch-22/RESULT {“POWER”:“ON”}

Is something missing, but where?
See screenshots.

Broker is running on same System (Odroid) as the OH installed (

We need (a lot) more information,.
What doesn’t work?
How doesn’t it work?
What are you expecting?
How is it installed?

Yes Andrew, sorry, sending post before I finished writing - now hopefully it’s complete.

Additionally hint:
Auto-discovering is activ, but nothing shown in the MQTT :frowning:

OK so it is connected, and auto discovery is active.
Now you need to follow the instructions to tell your sonoff switches to actually use the Home Assistant discovery, they don’t do it by default. Sonoff switches will then publish a massive amount of information on the Home Assistant discovery topic and Home Assistant will automatically add them.

I don’t use any Tasmota stuff but I believe it is SetOption19 1

OK, thx for the hint in this direction!

Found this:

But what does it mean?

“Do not change the FullTopic in order to use this feature. Leave it as default.”

My Smart-switch is already configured and has this full topic:

What is the “default” I should enter here?

Before you go down that path - you should be aware that the “preferred” method now is to use this: Tasmota - Home Assistant you don’t need to change anything you have already done, just click the “Add Integration” button on the page.

Default fulltopic appears to be %prefix%/%topic%/

Oh, I see the first MQTT device!

“Integrations”, interesting (must learn a lot / change my knowledge (I’m coming from OpenHab …)

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