MQTT with a Samsung Smart TV, Alexa and a Swann CCTV Camera


How would I go about using MQTT in Home Assistant to communicate with a Samsung Smart TV, Alexa and a Swann CCTV Camera

Do any of those devices have an mqtt client?

Hi Tom,

Thanks. That’s where I am getting stuck. what Options would I have here ? any guides you know to get me stated for my scenario . I am new to Home Assistant and MQTT.

Is there a reason that you are specifically looking for an MQTT solution?

There will almost certainly be a way to connect all of those to MQTT, but it might be hundreds of times more work than doing the same thing without MQTT. So do you want to connect your TV and camera over MQTT? or do you just want to connect your TV and camera regardless of the protocols used?

@ cbib05, Just to explain and provide a background on this. I am a computer science student doing a cybersecurity Masters. I want to show the potential of blockchain adding a extra layer of security to a smart home network. As you know a smart home consists of may Iot devices from differnt vendors. I was hoping to use Home Assistant to be the gateway between these smart home Iot devices and a blockchain network more specifically a Hyperledger fabric blockchain network. This is how I came across MQTT as a possible solution.

Fair enough, I must admit I don’t see the value of a consensus algorithm in a scenario where all of the devices are owned by a single entity and there is a central controller that they all hook into, but maybe I’m just old. I’d definitely be interested in reading your paper if you’re willing to share it here when it’s done.

If Home Assistant is going to be the gateway bridging the two systems, it doesn’t seem like it should matter which protocol the devices use when talking to HA, so you would probably be better off looking for native integrations first. Once the data is in HA, you can use something like statestream to push it to MQTT if required.