MQTT won't add devices with discovery endabled

Hi community,

I got an issue with my mqtt since some changes and I cannot get my head around it.
My setup is a docker-compose and docker swarm combination on some Raspberry Pi’s
Home Assistant, traefik and my mqtt broker are running on a docker swarm stack.
shairport-sync and zigbee2mqtt are running as docker-compose (no devices in docker swarm) on a different rpi.

I can reach the mqtt on port 1883 perfectly fine with the rpi ip address or though traefik.
shariport and zigbee2mqtt are publishing as well fine to both addresse of my mqtt.

In HA I can add successful my mqtt but there are not devices added at all.
But I can listen to a topic in the mqtt integration and the HACS shairport integration is working fine.

What have I done to debug:

  • Removed the mqtt db files
  • Removed the mqtt integration config in ha (done via web interface)
  • Tried both ip addresse (mqtt rpi and traefik)
  • Checked the broker content with MQTT Explorer
  • Checked all topics

I am out of ideas, can someone help me pls?

Thank you very much!


Sorry - I was stupid as fuck.
For everyone who may run into the same issue:
Setup zigbee2mqtt not only for MQTT but also for HA to set an additional topic like that.

FYI I am running on zigbee2mqtt 1.30.1