MQTT Zigbee2MQTT lost connection to buttons, switches and remotes


im very new to HomeAssistant. I have installed mosquito and zigbee2mqtt.
im using around 170 zigbee devices. Around 100 as router and 70 as endpoint devices. Sometimes I cannot use my aquara opple or button or my hue dimmer and tap dial and Ikea on/off. all other devices like motion detection devices are working fine.

after restart the mqtt integration oder sometimes the mosquito add-on everything is fine. after a few hours I got the same problem.

where do I have to search for my problem?

first I have installed home assistant on a proxmox server. now I got a separate computer where I installed home assiatnt directly. im using a brand new installation and only backuped zigbee2mqtt because of the many devices.

hopefully someone can help me.