"msg.payload" as a sensor in HA?

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to display a “msg.payload” as a sensor in the HA surface? Have somebody already done that? Do you need an addon for NodeRED?
I would be grateful for help or ideas

You should clarify what exactly you are looking for. msg.payload could be anything. msg.payload can be fed into a MQTT topic and you can use MQTT sensor on HA to display it.

But msg.payload is very generic.

Hello and thanks for the tip. I am trying to create a sensor with MQTT as I imagine. It may take some time before I report back here. I want to get this done on my own and it can take a while because I have almost no programming experience. The route is the goal. If I have any questions or need help, I’ll get back to you. When I am finished I will let you know here.
Thank you again

If you’re not using mqtt for anything else then there is a way that’s probably simpler.

Use a sensor node and install this Component

Thanks for the information. I already use MQTT and therefore I am definitely trying to implement my project using MQTT. I will also look at your tip. That only has advantages, you definitely learn something new …

I was able to remove mqtt from my setup, I was only using it for passing data from nodered to ha. One less service for me to manage :grin: