MTConnect2MQTT (Fanuc integrations)

Today I would like to show you an unusual application of Home Assistant. Home Assistant (HA) has a nice design and huge functionality, so I decided to try to integrate CNC machines into HA., I used MTConnect for collecting raw data from machines, then I wrote an integration in Golang to convert data to MQTT. As a result, I got MTConnect2MQTT.

HA Dashboard looks like:


  • Support of a wide fleet of machines from a large number of manufacturers (Fanuc, HAAS, Okuma etc).
  • Real-time monitoring of production
  • View downtime and machine performance.

If you are interested, I can show you the code soon, now it requires refactoring.


I’m interested on your integration

please, can you share the code?


Hello Artem_Vladimirov,

I am interested on your development !!!

Could I have your code for the code and the setup process?

Would lovely to hear more from you!!!

Six months later, I decided to analyze the whole situation. Since I gained experience and wanted to rewrite everything to make it beautiful. So,

  1. It turned out that my code only worked with one version of Mtconnect, which only supports machines with the Fanuc system.
  2. A new version of the Mtconnect client supports Mqtt out of the box, so I don’t see any point in redoing my project.
    But for all those who want to repeat my experience, I attach the instructions:
  3. connect your machine to the network. There is a video on YouTube which settings need to be configured. It’s simple there.
  4. Install the Mtconnect agent at this link GitHub - TrakHound/Fanuc-MTConnect-Agent: MTConnect Agent for Fanuc CNC Equipment using Focas over Ethernet , my code only supports this version.
  5. Run the Mtconnect agent and specify your machines there. There’s a simple graphical interface, it’s impossible to get confused.
  6. After that, you will be able to launch my project in docker. GitHub - ArtemVladimirov/goMTConnect2MQTT: Open converter from MTConnect to MQTT. In repo you will find commands to run it. Good luck.
    Once again: I wrote the code a long time ago and updates are not planned.

Sounds great! I would love to learn more about the code and see how this integration works. Could you provide some examples of how Home Assistant is used with CNC machines?