MULTI ADSB, MULTI AIS, stream maritime and aero audio

Good evening everyone,

I am a HAM operator in the south of France and I would like to install a multiple reception at an altitude of 600 meters near Marseille on one of our non-profit association:

  1. ADSB (1078MHz),
  2. AIS (162 MHz)
  3. Aviation audio stream (130 MHz),
  4. Marine VHF audio stream.

The goal being to disseminate information as widely as possible on all platforms, without restriction with a simple solution in order to be able to duplicate the configuration (HA OS with all the plugins for example) with little equipment (a few SDR stick and external antennas) for the entire amateur radio community so that the numerous sites that we have in France but also around the world can serve not this or that service but all without exception.

I start on RPI, HA and I found the multiple ADSB reception which works perfectly. Well done !!

My objective would be to find a solution equivalent to MULTI ADSB for AIS (an integration of AIS DISPATCHER for example), but also the transmission of audio streams for both aeronautical and maritime applications.

I have a PI5 with a NESDR SMART (which works very well but also heats up a lot) and an AIS SHIPXPLORER stick for the moment because I would first like to test the integration of ADSB and AIS on the site.

Does anyone know a simple way for a novice to deploy the MULTI ADSB plugin on HA OS in conjunction with a technical solution to broadcast a multiple AIS stream like MULTI ADSB.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you.


@Robufz , @MaxW