Multi-factor authentication - Include DATA options during enabling TOTP for user

Multi-factor authentication is a very useful configuration when talking about security access, and it works pretty well for App Authenticator or App Notify options, but when using E-mail Notify, there is no option to change the subject (it is always “Home Assistant”) or the sender/target when these configurations are under DATA option.

For example, I want to use O365 Integration to use my professional e-mail to send TOTP to the users of the instance, but I can’t change the sender to use a shared mailbox and the target (and I always receive the e-mail in my own mailbox), as I can do directly from the service “notify.o365_email_xxxxxxxx”:

So, the new feature that I am asking here is: Add DATA and TITLE options (equals to the service) on the “Multi-factor authentication modules” screen used to enable the functionality to the user: