Multi Homepods to play radio using siri

Hi Guys,
I have two homepods in my room, both with diffrent entity id(media.1_hp, media.2_hp).
I have successfully created a buttion in homeassistant, and import to homekit with the buttion name “Radio”

Here is the yaml:

        unique_id: "num0005"
          service: media_player.play_media
            entity_id: media_player.1_hp
            media_content_type: music
            announce: true
          service: media_player.media_stop
            entity_id: media_player.1_hp

Now, what I can do is, when I using siri to open “radio”, the homepod 1_hp can play the radio.
what i wannt, is when i use siri to open “radio”, the current homepod that i use will play the radio, other than the 1_hp.

Can you help on this?

Hi there, I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution to sending the stream on the HomePod you are talking to?

I have several homepods in different rooms and input_booleans for each homepod (radio_xxx_office / radio_xxx_livingroom etc.), which are exposed to homekit to use it with siri. For each of them I have automations that start playing my favorite radio. If I say “Hey Siri Radio xxx Office” the radio is played on the homepod in the office, if I say “Hey Siri Radio xxx Living-Room” it will start playing in the livingroom. If you have your 2 homepods in the same room, try to give each of them his own input_boolean.