Multi-line Android Notification with Color

Starting to integrate everything into Home Assistant, don’t like having to go many places to see what’s what.

With this I started setting up some templates of data I’d like to see. One below is brief info about my NAS.
I’m trying to make this into a push notification to my android phone but it won’t allow multiple lines / extend notification.

Anybody else had issue’s with this?

Syno Security: {% if states.binary_sensor.MYNAS_security_status.state== "off" %}OK{% else %}Safety Issues!{% endif %}
Syno Status:   {{states('sensor.MYNAS_volume_1_status') }}
Temperature:   {{states('sensor.MYNAS_temperature') }}°C
CUP Load:      {{states('sensor.MYNAS_cpu_load_total') }}% 
Storage Used:  {{states('sensor.MYNAS_volume_1_volume_used') }}%

Network Up:    {{states('sensor.MYNAS_network_up') }}kB/s
Network Down:  {{states('sensor.MYNAS_network_down') }}kB/s

Drive 1:       {{states('sensor.MYNAS_drive_1_status') }}
Drive 1 Temp:  {{states('sensor.MYNAS_drive_1_temperature') }}°C
Drive 2:       {{states('sensor.MYNAS_drive_2_status') }}
Drive 2 Temp:  {{states('sensor.MYNAS_drive_2_temperature') }}°C

Any help on this?
Surely i’m missing something.