Multi room audio configuration

I have a rpi running HASS.IO with mopidy + snapcast server addon.
I can see the player in HASS and control it.

I now want to add a different device (respeaker core v2) with snapcast client that connect to the server and control it also in HASS .

Tried many things with no luck.
Any help is welcome

I can’t seem to get it right.

I have this error

2019-10-07 23-19-48 [Notice] StreamServer::NewConnection: ::ffff:
2019-10-07 23-19-49 [Info] Hello from be:7b:a9:8c:8d:ec, host: v2, v0.15.0, ClientName: Snapclient, OS: Debian GNU/Linux 9.11 (stretch), Arch: armv7l, Protocol version: 2
2019-10-07 23-19-51 [Err] Exception in StreamSession::reader(): read_some: End of file
2019-10-07 23-19-51 [Info] onDisconnect: be:7b:a9:8c:8d:ec
2019-10-07 23-19-51 [Err] Error in socket shutdown: Transport endpoint is not connected

I need help.
I’ve tried anything I could find in google with no luck.