Multi-room audio system, with indoor and outdoor audio

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve done a write up of my multi-room audio setup. It’s pretty much a standard mopidy+snapcast setup, but I documented my hardware install for outdoor audio which is quite nice:



Did you ever toy around with the Monoprice 6-Zone Amplifier? I know it would require either wiring, or TX/RX devices, but it looks like a great solution for multi-room media.

I assume you mean this one:

I’ve hadn’t seen it until you suggested it, but it looks nice (but expensive). The wiring would also be an issue unless you were able to build it in from scratch. The thing I like about Snapcast is that I can distribute audio over my existing IP network. Also the incremental cost is pretty small and I can have more that 6 channels should I ever need them.

That’s the one, only it’s priced higher than normal. I used to see it for $499.00. Does the snapcast device make any noise prior to sending audio to it?

Also, how synchronized can they be if you run the same audio through more than one at the same time?

The amplifier sends a live signal so the only delay you hear is due to acoustics of the room and not players playing at different times or speeds.

No, snapcast makes no noise when you’re not sending audio.

The synchronisation is pretty much perfect as far as my ears can tell. Snapcast is intelligently adapting to the delay on each client, it’s not just streaming audio directly to the clients in real time.

Lol…what? I figured that much. Google Home makes an annoying bleep to let you know something’s coming. I prefer dead silence, and then the audio file, no “notification” of an audio file. It’s not like it’s a train coming down the tracks. I know it’s coming.

Is that adaptation done with microphone feedback or is it calculated digitally? Cause…that’s pretty cool.

Lol, I understand now. I don’t have a Google Home so I didn’t know about that. No, there are no annoying beeps. It only plays what is sent to it, in fact it only knows about PCM samples written to it’s FIFO.

The adaptation is done entirely in software without microphone feedback. Yes, I’d agree it’s pretty impressive. I assume Sonos and Chromecast audio groups do it in a similar way.

hello, what version of snapcast are you using? I tried to setup my multi-room audio using ubuntu on core i3 PC with wired connection as snapserver and raspbery with wireless connection as snapclient. however, the audio signal was occasionally breaking, both on PC, as well as on raspberry and even android phone, so I eventually abandoned the project.

Hi, I have the latest version (0.15) on all three of my clients. It looks like I need to update the server, since that’s only on 0.12.

The only audio breakage issue I’ve had was when my neighbours wifi AP switched onto the same channel as mine one day. This caused issues with the outdoor system, since the Pi for this is on wifi ATM. I’m intending to run a cable up to the loft soon in order to properly fix this, but changing my wifi channel fixed the issue (at least until another AP changes channels).

do you have the client and the server running on the same device?

No all three clients are remote, one via wifi and the other two via ethernet.

How does this work with home assistant?

Hi David,

You can add the MPD (for Mopidy) and Snapcast media player components to control the system.

In addition, I’m controlling the power of my amplifier via a relay with Node-RED and MQTT - see the linked post above for details.

Hope this helps.

As a quick update to this, I made a control panel in Lovelace that I’m pretty happy with:

Please let me know what you think!