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Multi room audio that allows voice notifications to be mixed in


Is anyone aware of any applications or setups that would allow multi room audio where I can be playing music or some content (most likely from a cloud streaming service ie. spotify) and then have home assistant play a TTS notification and have it either mute the music or lower the volume of it while it plays the notification.

I was hoping to do something with a few pi’s and the hifiberry dacs but haven’t been able to find out how to do the audio mixing side of things.



I’m also very interested in this. I found something about Forked-daapd for multiroom audio. In combination with Shairport I’m thinking it would work. I don’t know about the TTS though… lets see what others will come up with.



I did see one post vaguely mentioning something about alsa dmix but it didnt have enough detail for me to piece together how it worked.



Google homes will do this. I have 4 setup. You can play music to all. Also get notification via H A. Works great. Cheap solution with Google home minis and you can add more as needed.



I think Sonos had a pause and resume service type thing, and as mentioned above Google home devices can do this, but chromecast audios don’t support it.



last time i tried it wouldnt mix in the notifications and it would just stop whatever it was playing and then play the notification and not resume the previous music



This works for me with Echo (Alexa) as a Media Player custom component, amazon music unlimited and echo input into my whole house audio system. It lowers the music volume, plays the notification, then raises volume.



Ah OK not sure about resuming audio. Will have to test that.



There are basically two ways to send messages to Google Homes from HA.

Broadcast - goes to all google homes, can’t select specific ones, not compatible with chromecasts, will resume previous audio, uses google assistant TTS.

Send TTS messages from HA - can choose where to send it, uses whatever HA TTS setup you have, creates an MP3 and sends it to the device, doesn’t resume audio.

I’m currently using node-red to do something similar to the second option using a wavenet node (for better voices) and a cast node to send to the device. Not bothered about restarting music though and I think that would be difficult to manage.



I don’t know any that does that. The consensus with Google Home seems to be saving the current state of the media_player, send the tts notification, then restore what was playing by restoring from backed up state