Multi-select in Updates

A small change that saves a lot of time. Especially for people who have lots of esphome devices with the same firmware. I for example, have over 100 esphome with the same firmware. To update them all to the latest esphome version, I have to go through them one by one everytime.

All im asking is to just have a multi-select option on FE, then it can process all the selections one by one in sequence.

You are going to have to add examples and describe better.
This is not clear at all.

As for espHome programming shortcuts, you can add blocks of code to packages and call the packages. Then the blocks of code can be edited once and will be pulled into the rest of your devices when you build them.
Configuration Types — ESPHome.

If this FR is actually about the ESPHome FE, see

This forum’s category is only for HA feature requests

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I agree with @chrisazzopardi

I only have 2 ESPHome devices but find the process tedious. If I had 100 I’d go nuts.

The problem is that updates can only be applied one by one through the UI. A tick box against each and an ‘update selected’ button would be great.

I think you mean through the notification area of the settings menu?

Can you use this feature in the ESPHome addon?

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I think the request is for when you know that either one of your devices won’t update correctly or when you only want to update some of them.


That makes sense to me, there are definitely times when I’ve seen a big queue of updates (not specifically ESPhome) that I would like to selectively update.

This is a feature that was already requested a few times… :frowning:

Let’s sum this up a little, so we maybe can open a new and ordered feature request to the ESPHome FR repo. I can’t imagine this to be very complicated to implement, but I have no real idea! :laughing:

What is mostly wanted is a “selected update function”, where you can mark some devices and only update these after a button click. Something like Update selected in addition to Update all.

I just did a little search (the last three years seems reasonable) in the FR repo of ESPHome, and as I said, it seems like a really wanted feature.

And even here in the forum where a few requests, I could only find one of them, because I answered there (see here).

Please leave some comment on what your personal preference would be, or what you would like to see the FR about. Maybe we can set something up together, that will be seen as a useful feature and get our (to write) FR accepted. :slight_smile:


I like the idea also to select devices and only update those.

My request was only to update connected devices: Only update online devices

Just my two cents


Yes, just to make it clear, I am not saying this should be in the esphome addon, but in the update section on home assistant. in home assistant it makes more sense as it opens up for more integrations too.

If i have 10 esphome devices, a zigbee2mgtt update, a core update, etc…
It makes sense to have a simple multi select. This becomes handy especially when someone is a bit behind with updates.

This should be pretty easy now that there is this multi select and feature bar in almost all areas of HA

OK, I’m sorry, I totally misunderstood your intention! :slight_smile:

I’ll make a new FR and ask one of the moderators to split my posts out of this topic, as I’m talking about a totally different thing! :slight_smile:

Sorry for hijacking! :blush: