Multi-Select Input Entity

For any given entity, if I want it to have an accompanying sound effect, I customize the entity and add the attribute “audio_enabled: true”

With that, I can use NodeRED to watch for state changes of only those entities, then build a flow that handles playing the sound. Part of that process is to also have a custom attribute for “random_audio: true” if I want a random media file to be played.

This is all leading to needing the ability to create a multi-select entity that contains these “attributes” as selectable check-boxes.

If we had that, I could denote whether an entity should be audio enabled, random audio enabled, holiday sound enabled / versus no special holiday sounds, time-of-day enabled, etc.

The possibilities would be endless and would solve needing to create multiple flows that do the same thing.

Anyone thought about doing this?

Is this a feature request or a call for help configuring your needs?

Both and? That’s why I selected Feature Requests.

Yes, it has already been proposed, but no consensus yet.

It sounded a lot more like a request for configuration help than a feature request.