Multi-value templates

I’ve got a fair number of sensors that really belong as part of a set. Temperature and humidity for example. The problem with listing each of them out is the groups are becoming kind of long and hard to view especially on a mobile or tablet.


So I was looking at using a template sensor, which lets me pair them up so I could have for example:


That’s not bad actually! However this is the dealbreaker:

I’d really like to get some decent graphs just with multiple entities.

Anyone know have a good solution for this? I’m thinking something like the template sensor, except you could list entities and the graph would generate based on those values.

Am I really the only one who wants to basically use an array to track multiple values in the UI?

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Yea, what is needed is the ability to set attributes and not just state in sensor templates. One use case I have for this is for energy measuring sensors, It would make sense to have the state as ‘on’ or ‘off’, then have attributes for say voltage, power, power daily, power_total, etc… This would really clean up my UI a lot more than any general change to the frontend!