Multi-zone heating with OpenTherm and electric valves

First: I know there are more topics around this item, but nearly all of them are using some kind of ZigBee device.

My situation: I have a Nefit Proline NxT boiler with integrated OpenTherm support. I want to control the heating in each room individually. All the radiators have been fitted with a thermostatic valve.

On top of that there will be a simple on/off actuator (powered by 24V DC). Those can be controlled individually using serial commands. Each room will have a DS18B20 temperature sensor connected to the Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant.

The wall thermostat will be replaced by a OpenTherm Master Shield. To this point it’s a matter of wiring everything up, which is about done.

In theory, it’s simple:

  • Each valve will be open if the room temperature is below the threshold and the boiler is running (open valves consume power, so it’s a waste to keep them open if it’s not explicitly needed)
  • There needs to be a delay between opening the valve and the boiler start (it takes about 3 minutes for it to fully open)
  • The boiler needs to respond to heat demand, ideally in a efficient way (set point and pump speed adjusted to the amount of heat requested to maximize efficiency)

Do you have any advice for me how to get this working in Home Assistant? Has anyone already done something similar?

Hi there, did you find an solution for your opentherm sustem? I also looking for this automation but I haven’t find it.