Multi-zone heating with Smart TRV thermostats and single heat source

Lots of topics like this already, so i’m going to keep this question very specific.

if you are using Smart TRV’s (that have their own internal logic) then when should the heat source be turned on and turned off?


  1. temp
    a. individual room
    b. house average
  2. valve position
    a. individual valve
    b. valve average
  3. use manufacture specific mode…
  4. something else?

options 1 and 2 utilise the smart trv as a thermostat with a set point and a response (valve position).
in my opinion, using temp means making assumptions about the response which may lead to excessive heat and no valves open wide enough to utilise.

options 3 in unexplored territory, where in theory I can resolve the assumptions/guess work of the Smart TRV.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to use smart TRV’s, without a 3rd party control unit, such as Eurotronic Spirit Z, and a simple relay/switch on to switch on the heat source.

Happy to share the rest of my setup, but there are many posts like that (including my own from last year! annual topic obviously).