Multi-zone workaround for Songpal / STD-NR 1080?

Multi-zone support has been an open issue with Songpal since March. I lack the Python skills to contribute to actually fixing that issue. But, in the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone is aware of a workaround to display the source correctly.

The way my receiver is set up, I will only ever use Zone 1. Because I also have a Logitech Harmony set up, I can already control the receiver. I only need the Songpal component to report whether my receiver is on and what source it’s set to (for use in automation). Unfortunately, with Songpal’s current setup, it only ever reports the source as “MAIN ZONE”. I can successfully switch the zone via Songpal, but it always goes back to reporting “MAIN ZONE”.

I imagine a hard code could be added that forces the zone / source list rather than checking the device? But even if so, is it wise to modify the source code for a Home Assistant component? I’m thinking any changes would simply be wiped out next time there’s an update to HA / Songpal… Any other suggestions?