Multimedia setup, how do you guys handle this

So how do you guys handle multimedia playback on multiple devices?

I have a mix of speakers here, Google home, Samsung sounbar, Samsung wireless.
All of which are available as media_player in home assistant

Now I’d like to create an easy interface (for the wife to also understand), to playback several sources and control the speakers. for example, I use the google home also as radio, so I’dd like to select different direct audio streams, but also Streaming services like Spotify or TuneIn. Then be able to control the speaker to change volume and start/stop playback. Ultimatly to create a dynamic speaker group would be awesome.

I read a lot on the separate individual subjects, but am kinda lost on how to handle this for the different speakers and above all, in one and the same interface.

in short:
select speaker(s)
select source (direct radio stream, but also services like Spotify)
control speaker(s)