Multiple 433MHz hubs possible?

I’m planning on making my roller blinds smart. The most common option I can find is to have them controlled via 433MHz.
I already have an RFXTrx433. I’ve seen on the docs that enabling BlindsT0 will disable all other protocols on the hub.
Does any one know if I can get a separate 433MHz hub (most likely an RF-Link) to control my blinds?
Will the BlindsT0 protocol on the 2nd hub interfere with other protocols on the 1st hub?

I don’t see any reason why they would interfere especially if these are two different integrations there should be no conflict in HA.

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Entirely possible. I have 2 sonoff bridges and 2 rflinks (one direct, one through espRfLink)

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There is no need to use a 2nd RFXtrx! You can control all supported blinds with one RFXtrx. Protocol enabling in the RFXtrx is only necessary for receive!!!

Thanks a lot