Multiple Alexa integrations issue

I have a ‘interesting’ problem.
It seems I have multiple Alexa integrations instances …

  1. The ones that works (on the right) … strangely has the same email twice … one with the eco’s and one with the non-disturb status of “This device” echo. This does not seem to be an issue … only for me as I dont understand. I can use Alexa to control the lights …
  2. I see 2 other ones that need to reconfigure … I did that 2-3 months ago and again is asking for password. It seems at least one of this instances is allowing to use Alexa as media player (because now tts/media player is not working). On top of this even if I try now to re-login I cant … the capcha expired and does not refresh.

So the questions:
… why there are 3 instances of the integration ?
… why 2 expire in a few months ?
… how can I refresh the captcha ?

Thank you!
Later edit: Solved the captcha refresh … i just put a random one and it refreshed after :slight_smile: