Multiple APs same SSID


I’ve three APs at home all connected to the same router/network and all with same SSID so devices can change accordingly. I’ve noted that my Esp32 running ESPhome always connects to the same AP, which is the most distant, even loosing connection. Does it store any sort of MAC address or something that prevents the device from changing the AP it is connected automatically? Can I force it to connect to a specific AP?

Thank you!

What type of APs are they?

do you have fast_connect: in your wifi: config? This would be the exact behavior for this.

Sure, just use the bssid: like it is written in the docs:

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My Wifi config:

  power_save_mode: none
  ssid: "iOT"
  password: "I-wont-share-it"

I’ve tried the BSSID option and I found the problem, the device does not even connect to wifi now. It’s really strange as both APs have the same settings.

What does the log say?

Probe Request Unsuccessful

After some tries I was able to connect to that AP, Unifi USG showed the device as connected and logs said connected successfully but:

  • Most of the times the ESPHOME remote dashboard couldn’t connect to the device, like once every 1 or 2 minutes trying;
  • I couldn’t ping the device either from my terminal;

This is really strange, I have a bunch of devices connected to this APs, shellies included and all working fine.

Are you sure mDNS is working fine across your APs? Many people actually have problems with unifi… It’s often mentioned on discord

Settings are applied on the network to all APs so I assume that if one is working the other should also be.
Also that shouldn’t prevent me to ping the device directly to its IP, right?


Can you please be more descriptive about this issue?
I am interested but couldn’t find any reference