Multiple button wifi remote - No deep sleep required - Battery lasts forever

I’m a complete beginner with any form of coding but I managed to follow instructions and build a wifi button which can be run of batteries for years.

The author on youtube(bitsNblobsElectronics) has done this by creating an espnow to mqtt bridge(runs on separate esp module and must be left powered ON). The wifi button then sends data to this bridge which in return sends data to home assistant and triggers the desired action through node red.

He achieves the insane battery life by keeping the esp module powered off and only powered on once a button is pressed. This is possible with use of a mosfet which stays latched until the data from the program has been sent.

I have managed to recreate it and his program allows for additional buttons to be added to the same D1 mini. The problem is I don’t know how to.

Will I need a separate mosfet for each button? Any help would be appreciated.

What does the guy on YouTube/GitHub say?

He said I need to modify the sketch. I figured I should add an extra wire between button and gpio but not sure what to do with the code.

Hi, so the github and video link is dead.
Did you have any progress since?