Multiple Containers vs OS

Hi Gents,

I am a newbie and have some confusions, hope could get help here:
I have a Ubuntu machine, followed the official doc and got the Container running, then I found it has no add-on, so I went further and got OS KVM running.

I have seen people have multiple containers running instead of an OS with everything, my questions are:
1. Is multiple container an official installation method? I seem could not find help doc.
2. Is multiple container more efficient than a OS in KVM?


All four official installation methods are described in the documentation:

Thanks for your quick response.
I didn’t realize the last one is multiple-container method.
Since the doc says it is very complicate, with my knowledge of the programming, I shall stay with KVM.


Its really not.

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The documentation cited here is really poor, I feel for you. I started my HA use with docker containers on raspberry pi and then moved to a intel linux device, again using docker containers. I’ve never seen any of the other install types in operation, so I can not say what I am ‘missing’. That said I have been very happy both on the raspberry pi and intel/ubuntu device with my multiple docker container setup. Only down time I have had is for upgrades and backups (which I have yet to need :crossed_fingers:) Time for both of those in over two years of operation is on the order of 0.001% of total time, about 17 hours out of the two years.

Good hunting!

I’ve used all four installation types and the documentation is fine.