Multiple coordinators for ZHA integration

I’d like to add another controller on an isolated part of the house, where repeaters can’t reach. Right now the ZHA integration complains when I want to add another instance, stating that only one can run. I’d use zigbee2mqtt but the controllers I’m using are EM3581 based, and support for that is listed as experimental.

Is there a supported or hacky way to have another instance of ZHA running, or am I going to just have to try my luck with z2m?

Edit: controllers are IP based, I added the first one to zha using socket://, the isolated part of the house gets wired Ethernet

Yes, a second HA instance and remote HA, but besides that, no

it is listed as experimental, but a lot of people use them without issues.

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How sure are we about this? Can’t like the “id” if the integration be changed to something else so that HA thinks it’s a different one?

Edit: maybe something like this Cloning an integration ? How reliable would something like that be?

I once tried to clone the rflink integration to add a second rflink. Never succeeded, only HA did not start up again until removed. You sure can try.

There might be hope soon(ish):

You could go with a high powered, ethernet based repeater. There’s many brands that are available. I have one that covers devices over 80 feet away through a few solid walls.

Personally, I’d go with Z2M. Much more flexible in my opinion.

I’ve never seen any for sale. Got examples?

IIRC, Tubes coordinators can be flashed as a router (all my gear is Tubes stuff). I was wrong about my repeater though… I could have sworn it was ethernet based, but it’s not. It’s one of his first repeaters hence wireless. Sorry about that!

I believe ZigStar also has one available as well. I also seem to recall that the Tasmota builds allowed for the Tuya gateway and the SMLITE gateway to run in repeater mode as well. I’ll see if I can dig up the links that I saw on those.

Suggest start new thread in the feature request forum or ask that moderator rename this topic to ”Ability to have more than one Zigbee network and Zigbee Coordinator in the ZHA integration” and move this to the feature request forum → Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

See my reply in the other thread as that hopefully explain why it is like it is today:

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This thread isn’t a feature request, so making a new feature request would be the way to go.

That said, it’s a pretty niche request so I’d not hold your breath waiting for anybody to develop it.


ZHA integration does not currently support multiple Zigbee Coordinator so asking for exactly that would be the same as a feature request and not just a support or configuration question.

The answer is that it not currently possible for an end user to connect another Zigbee Coordinator and cretae another Zigbee network on it, for that to happen a developer would first need to add support for it.

Right… so… somebody should make a feature request then :wink:

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