Multiple data disks detected after upgrade to latest Home Assistant OS

Hi! Installed the latest home assistant operating system. Now getting these errors:

2 repairs
1 hour ago Unsupported system - OS-Agent issues
1 hour ago Multiple data disks detected

2 updates
Home Assistant Core
Home Assistant Core 2024_5.2

Have already tried rolling back to a full backup and it’s not helping.

If I click on the “Multiple data disks detected” I get:

Home Assistant Supervisor
At ,'dev/sda8 , we detected another active data disk (containing a file system
hassos-data from another Home Assistant installation).
You need to decide what to do with it. Otherwise Home Assistant might choose the
wrong data disk at system reboot.
If you dont want to use this data disk, unplug it from your system. If you leave it
plugged in, choose one of the following options:
Use the detected data disk instead of the current system
Mark as inactive data disk (rename file system)

I have the same issue. Not sure about the best course of action.

I just had the same, after I clicked repair my HA crashed…

It was not after an update though, I am running the latest May release for a couple of days now.

After a hard restart everything is up again. The time this happened coincides with some update on my Unify Dream Machine (Network APP). Should be unrelated, the only thing that happened during that update is temp internet loss).