Multiple databases for influxdb

Just a short question that could be easy to solve. Is there any way to record events to multiple databases of influxdb?
My current setup is a single database “home_assistant” with a whitelist-based list of events going to it. The problem is that the dark_sky sensor sends some “°C” measurements that also my homematic thermostats would like to send (but with incompatible schema). Since I would like to keep both, I thought I could just create another database on influxdb just for the homematic thermostats and put a whitelist for them on a second configuration of influxdb for homeassistant.
Unfortunately this results in an error at startup, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Other suggestions are also very welcome, my final goal is to chart everything in grafana so maybe another data source could also work, but I didn’t want to make the setup too complex (by using another data persistence software)


hey, did you manage to solve this problem?

Similar situation here. Any solution?

I also would like two have two databases with different retention, anyone a solution?