Multiple device names in Hue Emulated Bridge

The emulated_hue_name option is great, however, I am currently using HA Bridge, in which I created multiple bridge devices for each of my lamps, that way I can tell Alexa to turn on “office lamp” or “office light” because both commands are pointing to the same API call to turn on my office lamp.

Would be nice to have an option in customize to have multiple emulated_hue_name references per entity, so that I could use both “office lamp” and “office light” phrases to turn on the same light.

I know I can accomplish this by creating a template switch to copy the physical switch and add a customize for both the real switch and the template switch to give them different phrases, but it would still be easier and less yaml to just have an option for multiple emulated_hue_name options per device.

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You can use groups via the Alexa app to do the same thing, I’ve got several like that and it works quite well.

I agree that this would be a great enhancement.

emulated_hue_name: Office Light, Office Lamp, Work Light, Work Lamp

This would effectively allow us to create multiple intents for Alexa while keeping the yaml configurations clean.

Would love to this idea make it into the code.


Good idea!

Yes, I’d like this.

It would be nice to create the least amount of groups in HA (to keep state listeners to a minimum), while having the ability to have multiple names. For example, I’ve been having trouble training myself to say the correct phrases. Even my wife has trouble. I’ve had to add may groups in alexa to complete these tasks. When you have 35+ switches, its a pain in the ass to deal with the alexa app. Having 1 line of code to duplicate phrases would save so much time.


This is a real must have!

I wanted to try to get ha bridge out of my setup (make simpler) but instantly bounced on this issue.

In HA I could not make a 2nd entry with another name for the same entity.

In ha bridge it is very easy to do this. Just make another line.

Why would one need it?

However Alexa is ok-ish with language detections it feels like the algorithm changes every now and then. My native speak is not English and thus a lot of times it tells me that there is no such name available.

E.g. I have a scene called “Couch” and I had to add cost, cast, cause in order to detect it "all the time for me and my family members. (Just 1 example).

So +1!