Multiple duplicate iPhone devices

In Devices, I have 4 iphones, all with the same name (my phone’s name). Two are iphone6s and two are iphone8, which has a SW version that matches my phone.

I have read several threads on this forum where people deleted from the below referenced files with no luck.

In the threads on this subject, there is a recommendation to delete the ‘ios.conf’ file; I cannot find this anywhere in my system (samba to connect to files; after showing hidden files).

Does anyone have direction on how to get rid of these entries?

I am also not certain how HASS should be set up to work with HA Cloud and the mobile app vis a vis earlier implementations of trackers and notifications, so any high level description is appreciated. I am setup on HA Cloud and on my phone app, but notifications are not working.

in core.config_entries, I can see the two iphones. the other’s app_version is 2020.4.1(1) though.

                "entry_id": "some entry ID",
                "version": 1,
                "domain": "mobile_app",
                "title": "my iPhone",
                "data": {
                    "app_data": {
                        "push_token": "some token",
                        "push_url": ""
                    "app_id": "io.robbie.HomeAssistant",
                    "app_name": "Home Assistant",
                    "app_version": "2020.7 (11)",
                    "device_id": "some device ID",

in core.device_registry, I can see four iphones grouped in pairs. Each entry in a pair has identical headers and the number in the header matches the entry in the core.config_entries file. as such:

                "config_entries": [
                    "matches core.config_entries entry_id"
                "connections": [],
                "identifiers": [
                        "matches core.config_entries device_id"

in core.entity_registry, I have 20 entries that correspond to the above.

                "entity_id": "sensor.sim_1_2",
                "config_entry_id": "matches core.config_entries entry_id",
                "device_id": "matches number in core.device_registry "id:" ",

Both core.config_entries entries are linked to my user_id located in the PERSON file. Otherwise, I do not find iPhone anywhere else in the files.

Just delete the Mobile App integrations from Configuration->Integrations in HA. ios.conf has been gone for a long time.

I was just writing that I did that. Thanks for confirming.
I found the BurnsHA youtube on this subject, which got me to thinking that might work. I went in to Configurations->Integrations and removed the IOS and MobileApp integrations. This was effective at removing the iPhone6s in the registries above. So I am down to one set. There are still two iPhone8 entities (one with the correct software listed, and one with old software listed), but they are not duplicate. Only the one that shows the same software as my phone is found in the entities registry.

The correct battery and charging state are shown and change as I change them, but at this point, I cannot get a notification to go through.

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Rather than trying to debug this here, I recommend heading to the #ios_and_mac channel in the HA Discord server:

Thanks @rccoleman
I logged into discord and searched through the archives and found some material that put me on the right track.
After clearing up the multiple devices, in my initial attempt, I was trying


My test automation ended up as this, and it works:

- alias: 'Send Notification'
    platform: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.test
    to: 'on'
    service: notify.mobile_app_myphone
      message: 'Notification text'

This is from the basic mobile app page.
I don’t have a good grasp on the difference between ‘ios’ and ‘mobileApp’. Both are in my Configuration->Integrations. Throw in growler, html5 push, ‘Notifications’, etc and it becomes confusing. Following BurnsHA youtube, I was trying the ios route. I will keep reading on this, but will start developing automations with the above.