Multiple dying nodes

I have a quite peculiar issue with my Z-wave devices.

I have been running home assistant (now at 2021.12.8) on a Rpi 3B+ with a Aeotec z-stick Gen5+ over the last two years and am running Z-Wave JS 0.1.52 I have gradually gotten to 46 Z-wave devices (40 are powered, Zooz Zen21/Zen26/Zen32 wall switches). I have a Zooz ZSE19 (a battery powered) siren as part of this mesh. I had the siren alarm earlier this week after an unintentional trigger. It ran the default five minutes and then stopped. That node was showing up as dead right after this. The next morning, about 6 hours later, the node was back alive but 22 of my other nodes (all of them powered) died. Attempts at re-interviewing or healing individual devices fail. I tried healing the network, giving it about a day twice to no avail. Also tried powering off the rPi and rebooting and also plugging the Z-stick out and back in a few times. I have not added any new Z-wave devices for a few months though did update to 2021.12.8 earlier the day prior to the above starting. I tried restoring an older backup from a week back to see if it helped. Running out of ideas, I started removing the dead notes and trying to add them back. The zooz wall switches can be removed and ‘hard reset’ but can not include them back. Was hoping to avoid adding all these devices back but am unable to even do that with the above issue with inclusion. Meanwhile, have had more nodes show up as dead, now up to 36. Can someone please help me try and fix this?

If you have an air gap on the switches or if you can cycle the breakers this might help.

You are awesome! Cycling the breakers did the trick. A few of them were still dead but was able to heal them. They are all back online. Thank you!