Multiple emails with imap

i have successfully setup my two google emails with the latest imap integration. Both of them show the correct unread email numbers as state. I am also able to get the email content of one of the accounts using the following template sensor.

  - trigger:
      - platform: event
        event_type: "imap_content"
        id: "custom_event"
      - name: imap_content
        state: "{{['subject'] }}"
          Message: "{{['text'] }}"
          Server: "{{['server'] }}"
          Sender: "{{['sender'] }}"

But I am not able to get the emails from second account. How can I get the email content from the second imap integrated account.

If you don’t use the event data to filter incoming data, all imap content events will go into the same sensor.

I believe, i am not using any specific filters for incoming data in the integration. And i have already shared my template sensor. It seems even so only one imap account is updated with this content sensor.

same issue here, only 1 of my emails are looked at and give results. it use to be so much easier for multiple email accounts. is there a way to have your code only look at 1 email account and create another to point to the second email account?