Multiple Enphase Envoy problem

I do own 2 Enphase Envoy (one for the Network direct injection and the other for my own comsuption).
I declare both in my configuration.yaml without trouble, but each time I reboot my, nearly each time they switch their names each other …
I’m looking to a way to fix taht and force their name.

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Looks like you ran into a bug. You can create an Issue on github to allow the user to give each item a name or create an issue into the fact that the list order changes. I’m guessing you are monitoring the same condition between each one? That might be the root cause of the issue.

yes i’m monitoring the same condition on both.
I’ll create an issue then.


Hellu @Dudu, was this resolved? How did you configure them in the first place?

I have a second Envoy now, one for the grid tie system, and a second now added AC coupled array behind a pair of SMA Sunny Island battery inverters.

I’m newbie enough with homeassistant that I’d love to see that section of your config.yaml, or other file that needs to be changed. Thanks!