Multiple entities in one widget?

I am trying to get a custom widget for my nest working- the default climate doesn’t seem to play nice with Nest’s “auto” mode, where you have both heat and cool settings- I have it behaving the way that I want, but would also like to show an icon for whether it is off, heating, or cooling (or, possibly, other values?)


The problem is that the nest entity state doesn’t include the value, but rather is in a different sensor: sensor.downstairs_thermostat_hvac_state.

  1. is it possible to grab the state of a secondary entity inside a custom widget?
  2. If so, can someone point me to an example that does this?



yeah you can get multiple entities in 1 widget.
you can look at the original sensor widget, that can show 2 sensor values.
another example is the heater widget which shows the value from a input_slider and a switch

Thanks, I have some of that working.

Widget design question for you- The nest has a base entity (climate.upstairs), and a couple of different, yet related sensors that get are added to home assistant automatically (binary_sensor.upstairs_thermostat_has_leaf, sensor.upstairs_thermostat_hvac_state, and binary_sensor.upstairs_thermostat_fan).

Rather than call them out separately in the dashboard config, would it make sense to determine the names based off of the base climate.upstairs entity? That way it looks like more of a drop-in replacement for the regular climate.

This is my first real customization attempt. Right now it looks like this:

It’s all a WIP in github right now

the more you can configure in the dashboard the better.
2 reasons:

  1. it might become handy for other components
  2. if they change something in HA (like with the weather widget) you can still configure the widget.

but you can always set defaults in the yaml file, that can be overwritten by the dashboard.