Multiple Entity row - issues two switch's being turn on, when I only want on

I have been trying to work this out, but so far I am having no joy
what I am trying to do is allow me to turn on the TV or the NVidia as and when I want via the Mulitple Entity row option, but every time I think I have it solved, the problem is still there.
at the moment every time you turn on the TV, the NVidia Shield is turn on, and the same when you turn the TV off. but if I choose to turn on the NVidia first then the TV is turn on.

any ideals ?

>   - entity: switch.alexia
>     type: custom:multiple-entity-row
>     name: Media System
>     icon: mdi:television-off
>     toggle: true
>     show_state: false
>     state_color: true
>     entities:
>       - entity: switch.lg_tv
>         name: LG
>         toggle: true
>       - entity: switch.lg_tv
>         name: NVidia 
>         toggle: true

Why are these two entities the same but with different names?

Also, be sure to disable any HDMI CEC features on the Shield, or you’ll get exactly what you describe.

thanks, it is always the same, the simple things you miss.