Multiple-entity-row. Use attribute as name

Really like this frontend customisation.
I’m wondering if someone could assist please. I’m trying to use an attribute as a name, specifically show time as name and value as the value. It looks like the template is getting parsed but something is not working and I don’t know what. Maybe it’s just not possible.

   - type: custom:multiple-entity-row
    entity: sensor.env_lounge_humidity_cal
    name: Humidity
    show_state: false
      - entity: sensor.template_env_lounge_humidity_cal_min_today
        name: {{ sensor.template_env_lounge_humidity_cal_min_today', 'ts_updated') }}
Configuration errors detected:
missed comma between flow collection entries (20:82)

 17 |  ... 
 18 |  ... 
 19 |  ... _cal_min_today
 20 |  ... y_cal_min_today', 'ts_updated') }}
 21 |  ... _cal_max_today
 22 |  ...

Thanks in advance

name: "{{ state_attr('sensor.template_env_lounge_humidity_cal_min_today', 'ts_updated') }}"

That’s assuming the card supports templates in the name. Which it probably doesn’t.

I don’t believe name: will accept a template.

It doesn’t :grinning:

Yeah I was just looking it up:

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 18-49-46 benct_lovelace-multiple-entity-row Show multiple entity states and attributes on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

So the only way to do it is with this:

It’s possible via a pseudo element and card_mod, but your suggestion is less convoluted :laughing:

Thanks everyone.
That config-template-card integration worked perfectly. Awesome.

type: custom:config-template-card
  - sensor.template_env_lounge_temperature_cal_min_today
    new Date(states['sensor.template_env_lounge_temperature_cal_min_today'].attributes.ts_updated).toLocaleTimeString().replace(/(.*)\D\d+/, '$1')
  type: entities
    - type: custom:multiple-entity-row
      entity: sensor.env_lounge_temperature_cal
      name: Temperature
      show_state: false
        - entity: sensor.template_env_lounge_temperature_cal_min_today
          name: ${TS_TEMP_MIN}