Multiple Fibaro Issues

Having some major issues with Fibaro switches and hope you knowledgeable folks can help

For information I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4, HassOS on an external SSD, Home Assistant 0.113.3

Now for the issues, I use multiple Fibaro switches in my home for lighting control, 3 dimmers, 2 double switches and a single switch

Recently migrated from SmartThings so all of these have been added and removed quite a few times but for some reason now 1 of the double switches and the single switch just will not work anymore. I’ve tried adding and removing nodes, even tried including/excluding on the SmartThings hub but no joy. Its as if the zwave signal is just no longer seen on these 2? I’ve tried resetting them both, the double I was able to enter the menu and get to the yellow LED to reset but the single just seems to light up 1 color mainly or now and again it will get to green but no joy. Also tried the cutting the power then powering on with the b button pressed for 3 seconds but nothing they are dead! The physical switches still work its just the zwave side of things, any ideas anyone?

Also I wanted to try out OpenZWave as the consensus seems to be that it is the way forward and much better but although I was able to add my Fibaro dimmer’s they didn’t seem to want to work? They added and all looked well but the switches in HomeAssistant did nothing? They seemed to report power usage correctly but the switching and dimming just didn’t do a thing the lights didn’t respond. Again anyone have any ideas?

Hope someone can help…