Multiple FireTV on Docker

Has anyone used a docker for python-firetv and successfully had more than 1 firetv?

Mine has been running fine for the last couple of weeks but today I decided to add my other firetv. I updated the house.yaml file to include both firetv devices on separate IP addresses and when I restarted the container for firetv and HA I get neither to show up now (use to get 1).

HA shows:
Could not connect to firetv-server at 192.168.x.x

Container for firetv is giving:
No route to host

I’m sure it is something simple as usual, just curious if anyone else had this or has had success with it.

*** Nevermind, when I got back home and went through the configuration i realized that I had not turned on ADB Debugging on the 2nd FireTV.

I am looking at this again… now have 3 fire tv devices but have not figured it out successfully.

Have you figured this out yet. I have the same issue.

I had but then something else changed with the Fire devices and am stuck again. Now they require some form of authentication?