Multiple floorplan navigation with dashboard views

I want to click on an element in the SVG file for one floorplan in a dashboard view ( in my case an image but it could be a path) and have it navigate to another view in the same dashboard. This will allow me to have a single card and single SVG file per floor.

I’ve searched for every option and combination I can think of but can’t get any of them to work.
My SVG files are larger and I have several floors to deal with so I don’t want to combine them.

The most promising was this with floorplan.execute and browser_mod but it doesn’t do anything when clicking on the entity. I get a THIS not defined in the console so it looks like difficulty addressing the local browser.

- entity: switch.kitchen_automation
  element: stairs.downstairs
    - service: floorplan.execute
        my_custom_exec_calling_browser_mod: |
            // Call browser_mod service
            browser_mod.service('navigate',{navigation_path: "/lovelace/bottom-floor", browser_id: THIS}) 
            console.log("Well.. That didn't go as planned",e);


You aren’t explaining what you are trying to do?

Make a dashboard for each floor and use “navigate” - here an example where I call the upper floor dashboard when I click on the image:

Sorry, I thought the title was clear. I’m updating the post.

That will work in an picture elements card and other places but not when clicking on an element in the ha-floorplan card. I’ve tried a similar approach but I don’t think the navigate action is supported in the ha-floorplan card?

Yes it is

             - name: Jump to Servers Page
               element: servers.touchpoint
                 action: navigate
                 navigation_path: /lovelace/server_view

OK - sorry - missed that part.
You are correct - works for picture element - don’t know about floorplan.

I confirmed it does work as posted by OzGav in floorplan (with the element addition required by floorplan).

Following the usage examples I tried it explicitly with the call-service action and couldn’t get it working - so I wrote off the navigate action. I’m not even sure that their is a homeassistant.navigate service (or at least don’t see it in Developer Tools) so probably down the wrong path.

The Usage examples mention navigate right next to toggle so I assumed they could be called the same way:


When an action trigger is executed, Floorplan can perform any of the available Lovelace actions (call-service, more-info, toggle, navigate, etc.). Floorplan expands on the call-service action, allowing it to run both Home Assistant and Floorplan services.


Example of a standard rule using call-service.

- entity:
    action: call-service
    service: homeassistant.toggle

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