Multiple generic thermostats, one switch


I have a number of temp sensors around the house (xaiomi zigbee connected via deconz) and i want to use them to control a single heater with them. I’d like to set up generic thermostat from each sensor, so that each room (sensor) will have individual set-points. The question is whether is is feasible? As there will be 3 generic thermostats all controlling the same heat source, will they respect the condition of each other or should i need to abstract the switch away.

For example:

Thermostat 1 is ‘on’
Thermostat 2 is ‘on’
Thermostat 1 reaches the upper limit but thermostat 2 is still below
Would the heater be turned off, would it be left on, or would there be some undesirable or unpredictable outcome.

If you have only one heater, there is no point to have more than 1 controlling thermostat.
I’m in a similar situation. Currently have a sensor that gives away min temperature of registered with it sensors and use that sensor as target_sensor in generic_thermostat.
Have a look here and below :wink: