Multiple Geofences per Zone?

So, I have a bit of a “fun project” I’m working on. I’m using this project:

And I’d like to define zones/geofences for things like “Shopping” or “Traveling” or what have you, but these zones would require multiple GPS coordinates/radii for a single zone name. For instance, “Shopping” is actually any one of three distinct points/circles on a map.

How can I define a zone with multiple coordinates, or how can I trick Home Assistant into combining, e.g. “Shopping 1”, “Shopping 2”, and “Shopping 3” into a sort of “zone group” called Shopping that still behaves as a normal zone?

I do exactly this with several “work” zones - you can define them in your config with the same name; HA will then use that as the friendly_name (which is used by the clock) and generate unique ids for you behind the scenes (e.g “work_1”, “work_2”, etc).

So, not exactly what you’re asking for (multiple zones with the same name instead of a single zone with multiple coordinates), but it works.

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Oh, that’s awesome! I didn’t realie that’s how it worked. I’ll definitely give this a try. Thanks!