Multiple Google accounts with Google Assistant

I have google assistant working with HA.
I’d like to also allow my son and wife to have google assistant control through their own devices/accounts.
Does anyone have any tips for achieving this?

Do you need to have multiple google assistant entries in configuration.yaml etc?


Bottom of this page step 8 tells how

Developer console>>gear icon>>add>>add user in editor role


Thanks… that wasn’t there when I set it up the first time.

I tried to add another google account to be able to use google assistant follows from step 8. But another google account couldn’t see [test] my app name after + .

Please kindly advice.

Same here. Followed the steps to add the account. But the [test] app name doesn’t show up in the list. Did anyone get this working?

As indicated in the documentation: Have the new user go to developer console and repeat steps starting from point 4. After clicking Test Draf you should see the [Test] App option

Hello Guys,
I have followed the istruction in the guide:


but the result is the same, in the new account created as viewer (i have try also to give editor privileges) in the home assistant I can’t find my project.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

this worked perfeclty for me. anyone with issues still?