Multiple HA Access Instances to Protect Home User Privacy from Technician/Administrator

I’m trying to figure out a way to set up multiple ‘user’/administration access instances of the home assistant.

  1. Only accessible locally to household members or onsite technician
  • full camera access
  • some add-ons
  1. Accessible remotely to household members
  • some access limited
  • limited add-ons
  1. Accessible remotely by a technician
  • no camera access
  • all necessary developer add-ons

My goal is to be able to debug and modify a home users core integrations, config, appdaemon, updates without being able to access sensitive data like their cameras. I don’t only not want it to show up, I want a full block from those feeds.

My inclination is to have multiple HA dashboard instances but maybe there is a better way to do this for specific users and administrators. I think the way to do this would be having one core hosted locally and multiple UI’s with ports forwarded to separate VPS instances.