Multiple HA rebooting by themselves

I have 3 home assistant installations over raspberry 3 and micro-sd that reboot by themselves. The hassos doesn’t reboot, I can see the uptime increasing.

They are upgraded to the latest hassos, supervised and ha, but it happens since long time. They reboot randomly and I cannot find a reason.

How to investigate? They have almost the same setup, both hardware and software (meaning the addon installed). I have activated a 2GB swap with the SSH addon.

They just reboot and they return online like a normal reboot. It happens once every 1-2 days. Not super annoying, but I would like to solve the problem if possible.

Thank you for any hint!!!

Confusing to what is happening. Does your Pi reboot or does your HA restart while the Pi keeps running ?

if your Pi reboots, I would try with a new power-supply.

I think it is not confusing: HassOS doesn’t reboot, HA reboots. Thanks for letting me clearify it.

The HassOS has no problem (the uptime increase), HA reboots (uptime is shorter). E.g. hassos has an uptime of 10 days, HA only 4 hours. No one rebooted the HA istance.

The power adapters are fine, no problem with the power sensor and they are original raspberry power adapters.

After a restart of HA, there should be home-assistant.log.1. That is the logfile from the last run. Look at the end of it to see a reason for the restart.

I have only this:
2024-02-14 18:18:25.668 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.homeassistant_alerts] Timeout fetching homeassistant_alerts data

The HA uptime is 5 hours now, it rebooted many hours after that error.

I can increase the log to debug if that helps


Any idea?