Multiple HA Zwave crashes after upgrade to 1.13.3

A few weeks ago I saw an upgrade to the version listed in my subject line. Went ahead and upgraded a few days later when I saw that there were no issues that I found being reported.

Whenever I upgrade ZwaveJSUI I always stop the server, perform the upgrade and reboot the host server. This process has seem to work the best all around.

My System:

Ubuntu 20.04
Virtual box 6.1
VM with USB passthrough - USB is on a 35 ft cable snaked through the ceiling to the center of the home

File Editor
Samba Share
Studio Code editor
and Zwave JS UI

Don’t run HACKS or have any special code as far as YAML - all automations done via UI

I started the upgrade process outlined above way back when I noticed that each time I received a notice that an update for something (System or Add-on) I’d immediately get a USB error that required me to boot the host system.

Similar to this time, when I noticed that there were a few updates (Core, Zwave, Studio and I think one more) I started having Zwave devices go offline or just get grey’d out. Not necessarily dead (although I don’t recall verifying if they were dead or not, my bad) but all zwave devices were unresponsive and upon reviewing the console for HAOS - low and behold I had a number (approximately 15):

cp210x ttyUSB0: failed set request 0x12 status: -19 (some are 0x7, 0x0, 0x12, there are at least 15 repeating)

ohci-pci: frame counter not updating; disabled
ohci-pci HC died; cleaning up

I just wanted to get this out there to see if anyone has seen this before. Although, this is the first time I’m experienced the ohci-pci error (I’m still trying to research this) the messages I see that crash the Zwave devices are all normally associated with the “failed to set request” errors.

If you’ve seen this or have thoughts and ideas, I’d appreciate some input.

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: I wanted to add that I had discovered some google searches that focused on Virtualbox and Linux (various distro’s ver 14, 16 and 18.04) that seem to correlate to a disconnection of the USB driver killing passthrough to the VM’s. However, I have not found any solution to resolve this.

Input always welcome!!!

UPDATE 2 - Found this on Silicom Labs forum where someone was having the same problem with a USB device and Zwave, they referred the user to the software maker. Does this sound correct ?

"[36.756457] cp210x ttyUSB1: failed to set baud rate to 300

I guess this product use CP210x and try to set baud rate that not supported by the CP210x.

Are you using a special application from yaesu, I suggest you contact with yaesu directly to see if they have some solution. "