Multiple Home assistant supervisor in one machine

Hi there, I am stacked here all day. My goal is to create two layers for my projects, DEV and PROD, so I can work on new features while working version is running. Something like this guy: How can I have two instances of Home Assistant in Docker

But he was trying to figure out something different.

I am able to run 2 HA at the time on 1 device, but problem is that’s just HomeAssistant container without supervisor featuers -> Home Assistant Installation Methods, that I so desperatly need. As i understand due this : I can’t make 2 HA supervisored on one docker host, so I wonder how to make two separetly docker host on one device, if it’s even possible.
While wandering google I found something about docker swarm, I am not sure but I understand it like it’s different situation, when I have 3 different devices and need to make them work as one… (please prove me wrong and tell me that’s the way :smiley: )

There is two other ways I was thinking of:

  1. Install just HA container in to the stack and manually add supervisor, nodered, and other containers needed. I think this should work, but as you can say, that’s like printing 1-100 one by one…
  2. The last way I was thinking of was little cheating by using Virtual Box and for each system install it’s own ubuntu or directly Home Assistant as OS. I know that would work, but its’s not exatly what I need.

If there is another way for Home Assistent container how to be able access files, load or create snapshots and manage add-ons (basically stuff that can supervisor do)

  • Every project does have original Intel Nuc with HA at the house and I have to be able to test or edit every project without affecting actual running version, and as you could understand, I can’t have another Nuc at home for every project.

Thanks in adance!

I googled “Multiple docker hosts on same machine” and this is the first result:

I’m guessing running 2 times the supervisor on the same machine is a bad idea. You’re probably better of running Core and then install the addons as separate docker containers (remember that hassio addons are basically just docker containers, and most of them can be found on dockerhub).

If you use a hypervisor you can simply run multiple VM’s, I run Unraid which allows me to run either docker natively or run vm’s (and it also acts as my network storage). I can run as many HA containers as I want and because I have all the addons separtely I can simply attach them to any container without the fear of the supervisor breaking stuff.

For your usecase I would suggest running it in a VM with a different IP address which can be done with virtualbox yes (just note that virtualbox is a type 2 hypervisor and because of that has a lot of overhead). If you are going to use a hypervisor to run VM’s I’d suggest looking at a type 1 hypervisor like for example Unraid, Hyper-V, ESXI or Proxmox. Unraid is the only one that has a docker integrated into the OS making it imho the lightest/easiest solution (I run 37 containers, no VM’s and CPU usage sits at around 8% on an i5 4690, with a single windows 10 VM this will rise to 20%). Running this on a type 2 hypervisor will increase cpu usage even more as it probably has to run 2 full desktop OS’es (e.g. Ubuntu Server + Virtualbox + HassOS VM) whilst a type 1 hypervisor would look like this (e.g. Unraid + HassOS VM) where type 1 hypervisors are specifically designed to be light on the system for the purpose of running VM’s a type 2 is more suited for short term solutions imo.